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Haste makes waste. Then, he travels to Brobdingnah, where he is small and the locals are large. It'll be your blueprint to success.

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The big duck, who is afraid of the water, jumps in and swims out to save the duckling. That teaching can be anything from "be kind to people" to "lying will get you nowhere. It is "Don't believe everything you hear.

Until one day all her friend kittens move away or get mates and are busy with new baby kittens of their own and cannot play with the snobby sister cat anymore. When students are in small groups, have the other group members revise and proofread the fable that they are choosing for the skit.

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After concluding literature group immersion in Aesop's fables, you can help your students create original fables that illustrate a chosen moral.

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ARTSEDGE: Writing an Original Fable