The shift of my persona and my journey in making real relationships with friends

The true measure of success will not be how smoothly the lesson went, how well we filled the time, how many compliments the teacher gets afterwards, or even how many class members participated.

If this should be your Case, all your Friends together could promise your better Behaviour, indeed; but as the Performance must even then be your own, it will add much more to your Character to pass thro' your whole Term without any Interposition between you.

In the Choice of these, your utmost Care and Caution will be necessary: for, by a Mistake here, you can scarcely conceive the fatal Effects you may hereafter experience: Wherefore, it will be proper for you to make a Judgment of those who are fit to be your Advisers, by the Conduct they have observed in their own Affairs, and the Reputation they bear in the World.

Let your Endeavour therefore be, at all Adven tures, to consort yourself with Men of Sobriety, good Sense and Virtue; for the Proverb is an un erring one, that says, A Man is known by the Com pany he keeps.

Handbook 2: Administering the Church1. If you use others as you do me, how can you think of carrying on Business? Conversation, where it is rightly ma naged, must be so conducted, as to let each Mem ber of the Company have a Share in the Pleasure and Applause it affords: If you are Six in Number, after you have told a Story, or made any Remark which gives a general Satisfaction; you must con sider it the Right of another to call your Attention in his Turn; and, unless particularly requested, it betrays a great Weakness to follow yourself.

These are loose and general Hints; but by a due Improvement of them, you will find yourself very sensibly grow more and more agreeable where-ever you converse. If, after having diligently complied with this Request, you assure me that you are not sensible of having given Cause of Disgust on your Side, I will readily use my best Endeavours to reconcile you to your Master, or procure you another.

shifting your perspective

One Thing is at present in my own Power; and that is, to double my Dili gence, that his Family suffer as little as possible by his Remissness: And another, I hope, by God's Grace, will be; and that is, to avoid in my self, when my Time comes, those Failings which I see so blameable in him.

Dear Tom, I Always take great Pleasure in hearing of your Welfare, and of every thing that makes for your Satisfaction and Comfort: But give me Leave to say, That I am sorry to hear you have so early begun to keep a Horse, especially as your Business is altogether in your Shop, and you have no End to serve in riding out; and are, besides, young and healthy, and so cannot require it, as Exercise.

She lives just above Want, in a pleasant airy Place, and has a very honest diligent Husband, with whom she lives very happily, and the Man is exceedingly fond of Chil dren, very sober, and good-humour'd; and they have every thing very pretty about them.

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7 Secrets To Making Platonic Friendships Work