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Industrialization was very beneficial to American business owners. England was in chaos as the Industrial Revolution began.

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In the new index base yearit is This brings about an industrial civilization or environment for rapid progress. This rapid economic growth was due to a number of main factors including; the geographical diversity of Britain, population growth, inventions, transport improvements, and the Government.

Parsons says that the extended family stayed together so they could provide health care for one another and look after the old people whilst the old people looked after the young children whilst the parents were out working The revolution quickly spread beyond Britain, with manufacturing centers being established in continental Europe and the United States.

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In the late s, marked a large change in England as industrialization took hold. He thought that before the industry took over the functions of the family, the families were extended units of production.

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Thinkers of the industrial revolution, Robert Owen and Flora Tristan realized the problems of industrial advancement and argued a solution to address them Negative Features: 1.

There is often an increase in manufactured goods due to the population expansion and urbanisation. As a result its contribution to the GDP has gone up sharply from 6 per cent to 25 per cent.

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The Industrial Revolution began a few years after the Civil War with the invention of steam powered machines. Therefore proto-industry was necessary for factory industrydiscuss. There was monotony in their work and their work did little more for them than keeping them alive British industrialization was concentrated in those areas which had experienced prior proto-industrialisation. All of these factors influenced in E. For related reading, see " Is Industrialization Good for the Economy? Second, public transit systems in big cities provided an outlet from congested cities.
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The meaning of industrialisation Essay Example