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But unlike Jason, instead of losing himself to the anger, he learned how to take it and fuel himself. Since the death of Rachel Dawes, Wayne has become a recluse, his body weakened and frail from the previous years of strenuous battles as Batman, and his fortune depleted following a failed clean energy initiative spearheaded by board member Miranda Tate Marion Cotillard.

He did a fantastic job of leaving the suspense of what is going to happen in the next movie after each one had ended.

It was done episodically. That is foreshadowing that the Batman is not going to die in this movie. Since his creation, readers and viewers have admired Batman's unique ability to battle villainy, transcend the law and administer justice. After the funeral, after the dust settles, the home for boys is founded, using one of the old Wayne properties.

The director I have chosen to write about is none other than Christopher Nolan.

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With awards totaling south of over seventy total wins and over nominations, the Dark Knight Rises remains to be everything a film needs to be to always remain a timeless classic. When's he trapped in Santa Prisca, building himself back up so that he can save his city from torture, that's what he says again.

Two major American comics studios: Marvel comics and DC comics have been transforming their statics comics into a motion picture, Nevertheless, each studio has it own cinematic universe and they expand to include short films and TV series. This movie is telling a fictional story using a series of events and other storylines throughout the film.

And Alfred.

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